Schedule of Events

9:00 am - Campers start arriving and setting up campsites.
12:00 pm - Needle in the Haystack contest begins.  Clues will               
                       be updated and posted at each of the fire rings.

2:00 pm - Kampout Bingo!
6:00 pm - Progressive Kocktail Party moves through the campground
                     and ends at the main campsite at the Beer Bust.


8:00 am - Next clue is posted for Needle in the Haystack.
9:00 am - 11:00 am - Breakfast is provided and served by the     
                      Kampout Committee

10:00 am - 12:00 pm - Yacht building workshop for the Regatta.
12:00 pm - Yacht Regatta to crown Kampout Kommodore.
2:00 pm - Kamptown Races.

3:00 pm - Final clue for Need in the Haystack is posted.
5:00 pm - Kampsite Decorations judging begins.

6:00 pm - Needle in the Haystack ends.
6:00 pm - Beer Bust at main campsite.
6:30 pm - Dinner provided and served by the Kampout Committee.
8:00 pm - Kampstravaganza begins. Contest awards are announced and                       Kampout King and Queen are crowned.

9:00 am - 11:00 am - Breakfast provided and served by the
                     Kampout Committee.

12:00 pm - Tear down, pack up & head home. See you next year!

                       *Reminder!* Pack it in, Pack it OUT!

What is "Needle in the Haystack"?

Three items are cleverly hidden within the campsite.  Clues are periodically given as to what the items are and where they are hidden.  Clues are updated and posted in all campfire areas.

What is the "Yacht Regatta"?

                                  Pick your "yacht" from the     
                                  provided supplies and embellish it
                                  however you like. Before racing
                                  the boats down the nearby s
                                  stream, the Kampout Committee
                                  will pick the "best decorated" yacht. Then we set sail and the fastest in each heat will view for victory in the main event. The winner is then honored as the Kampout Kommodore!

What is "Kampstravaganza"?

                                   This annual Saturday Night Show
                                    is for anyone who wants to
                                    perform, sing, do comedy,
                                    anything!  Kampout King and
                                    Kampout Queen are judge by
                                    audience reaction.  All awards for all games are given during Kampstravaganza.

What are "Kamptown Races"?

                                    They are like "field day" in         
                                    grammar school and have
                                    included (subject to change):
                                    Drag Races, Ring Toss, Musical
                                    Chairs and many more!


kamptown races.jpg